Early Academic Outreach Program

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I want to participate in a college access program because I was never actually informed about colleges or the topic about if I wanted to. And secretly in the my mind, I knew my hardships and struggles I had in school was worth the time and effort I put into it because my overall goal was to go to a good college, and achieve my dream to become a doctor. Since, I am a first generation college student, I need all the information and help I can get. My goals I carry with me are the motivation I need to go to college, but the question is how will I get there? A college access program is the way to go. Participating in a college access such as Early Academic Outreach Program will have my questions answered, and a good path hopefully they leads me to the right direction. Since, I am a first generation college student, I am…show more content…
My goals are to graduate high school with a high gpa such as a 4.0 or higher, increase my intelligent, and go to best the UC in state. I set huge goals, so I can achieve them one by one. I know I am not useless, but I am stuck at a point where I can’t find any help that can guarantee me into an UC or a college in general. I believe that participating in a college access program can help me gain success and ensure my school years aren’t wasted from doing random stuffs that won’t guarantee success. If, I get into college access program I can double or triple my chances on going to a college I want to attend. All these years I struggled without any help, and this is the first time I am asking for it. Knowing that I am a first generation on attending college, I am a lone student stuck in a desert without any support, I need any support that can lead me to the right path and set me to a course to a brighter I had than before. And with a college access program such as Early Academic Outreach Program, it can be done in the remaining years I have at high

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