Early American Religion

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Over decades, religion in America has evolved its people into a diverse country. While, many would believe the American people have always had the stability to choose which religion they would practice, it has not always been that simple. This has been apparent throughout the course of history, but especially during the sixteenth century.
During the early 1600s, religion was progressing off the Eastern Shores when colonist discovered the definition of the New World’s, religious freedom. The colonist portrayed religious freedom as to choosing a colony that followed specific religious values. Although, most would expect that they were free to believe in what they sought to be right, they could not. Settlers were to rely on what their colony
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In the year 1630, seventeen ships which were funded by the Massachusetts Bay Company, set out from England to establish a new colony in America. The colony consisted of members who believed in Puritanism. Puritans were Protestants that originated within the Church of England who commanded simplification of the doctrine and greater strictness in religious discipline. “From its earliest beginnings, Puritans had exhibited a drive toward immediacy in religious experience. It was this which stood at the root of its utter rejection of all sarcerdotalism, whether Roman or Anglican. Here was a thirst for ‘experimental’ knowledge of God; a craving for the immediate relating of the soul to the divine.” (Maclear) The New England Puritan colony was led by John Winthrop, a one- time lawyer. John Winthrop and the rest of the Puritans under him decided to make an example of good behavior and religious purity to the world. Between 1630 and 1643 nearly 9,000 Puritans…show more content…
The colonies having different religious beliefs were beneficial in some ways because it offered a safe place to live and worship. However, if you lived in a colony that had a different belief system then the one you worshiped life could be extremely difficult, dangerous, and terrifying. As shown, the colonies that migrated into America in the 1600’s were the main religious influences during that time period that forced people to move to where they could be accepted, or to live in fear. This was a huge turning point in our history where people were tired of living in distress. In the years following the 16th century many people took a stand to fight for religious freedom, which is what so many admire about our country
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