Early American Slavery In The 21st Century

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Slavery in the 21st century As time has passed America has grown and evolved although it has been over 200 years America has not grown out of slavery. This statement shocks many people. Although today the word “slavery” may not be used, it is still an institution used to exploit human beings for cheap labor and sexual acts, undocumented labor, and human trafficking. “The sex trade” is a relatively new term for modern day slavery. During the colonial time slavery began when Africans were taken to America. They worked on plantations or as servants. People who are victim to modern-day slavery are brought into the system in a very similar manner. These people were promised a better life in America, but when they arrive they are put to work for little to no pay. The places these people are held are commonly shared by many other victims stuck in the same situation.…show more content…
Slaves became the basis for the Southern economy. Likewise, undocumented labor is used to have a labor force to bring in large profits. These workers are forced by being threaten to work in careers such as construction, and salons. These workers snuck into America and did not see any other options. They are in debt with the people who smuggled them. Additionally, those with kids needed to pay a nanny to watch and take care of their kids, because they work on average, seven days a week. They may also be threatened or have family members threatened. People who deny modern-day slavery have no idea the extent of its reach and they torment victims live. The human trafficking system has no age, sex, race,
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