Early Childhood Education Case Study

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1.1. Why should early childhood development teachers not use food in art activities, such as painting and collage?

Because children are still in the process of learning to distinguish between food and other objects that are not to be eaten it can result in causing confusion in the young learner so therefore it best not to use food items for eating as art materials.

Also art work such as paintings and collages that makes use of food can most definitely not be displayed and kept for long periods of time as it can attract insects and go off or moldy. This could have a negative effect on the child if his art work no longer looks as beautiful as it did when he created it.

Food is no doubt a precious resource and will send the wrong message to young learners that playing with your food is
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Identify and discuss with practical examples of the five roles teachers can play in early childhood art.

The teacher as a model and participator:

• Through modeling and participating the educator can stimulate children to make art.
• Although educators are engaging in art they should never do art on behalf of the children as doing art for them can set them up for disappointment.
• As an educator you can do art along with children but the focus should be on just doing and not overwhelming them with adult products as their finished product will never resemble that of an adults.
• One of the methods to being a good teacher is to observe others modeling good teaching. Every day should be a learning opportunity not just for students but for teachers as well.
• Because children learn in different ways as discussed in the previous question it is therefore important for the teacher to remember that some children benefits from listening to the teacher whereas other learn by observing what the teacher does.
• An educator should also take opportunities to sit with children while they are doing art and observe the situation.

The teacher as creative individualist and art
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