Early Childhood Development Analysis

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Early childhood development (ECD) is easily one of the most crucial social determinants of health in Canada. Our early years provide a fundamental base for our emotional, physical, social, and mental health. ECD begins as young as a baby in the uterus and continues until the person leaves home and branches out on their own. These developmental years are closely related to later homelessness, poverty, and poor health if a supportive and invigorating environment is not present. A young pregnant woman living on the streets has limited to no access to a healthy diet in order to provide nutrients to her developing fetus. Moreover, she doesn’t have any access to education to help her through her pregnancy and ensure a proper and safe carrying of…show more content…
219) it is important to recognize the various aspects that influence a families health such as wealth and financial ‘smarts’. A family does not necessarily need to be wealthy to be healthy but they will require skills like budgeting to help them ensure they experience security. Family wealth is considered a strong indicator to a child's health and future health as an adult (Rapheal, 2016, p. 219), therefore it is important to ensure new families experience financial security and get the help they need if they don’t have…show more content…
This is a reason fast food companies often use subliminal advertising targeted at children. It is well known that poor eating habits in children transfer into later life; childhood obesity is one of the number one health challenges facing our young population. Consequently, a common issue that arises is often emotional and psychological, these children are often bullied by their peers and even their family. Furthermore, childhood obesity can also lead to life-threatening health conditions including diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, heart disease, and even cancer. Today’s society provides easy access to calorie dense, fattening, foods and snacks. The increased use of technology has also impacted child weight health, children often spend more time inside on gaming systems than outside exercising. It is vital for young families to receive teachings around proper nutrition and exercise in order to establish good habits for their children young in life before this becomes an

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