Early Childhood Development In Early Life

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Early life Early childhood according to World Health Organization refers to a period, including gestation period of fetus till the age of 8yr. Initial years of childhood is very important as in these years child’s mental and physical growth occurs at faster pace1. . This initial growth and development has long run relationship with health status of child till his/her attainment of adulthood to death. Apart from those initial 8yrs of childhood a healthy period of gestation also contributes toward child health a lot. Child’s physical, emotional, behavioral and cognitive development is based upon these early childhood years. Not only health of child but chances of developing anti-social behavior, higher-education achievement are directly related to the initial years of a childhood2. Healthy childhood depends upon many social determinates. Such as mother’s health, education and nutrition, social as well as economical statues of family to which child was born and brought up, parents interpersonal relationship, environment which includes family, social, physical or geographical environments2. Above all mentioned social determinates mother’s health status and educational qualification has greater impact on child’s health during infancy as well as at later stage of life. Many Studies were conducted to describe relationship between child and mother’s health. Mother’s physical and mental health effects on infant’s development not only
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