Early Childhood Education Chapter 11 Analysis

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1. What information did I know prior to reading information presented within the chapter? Prior to reading chapter one I can remember learning about PL 94-142, This is the education for all Handicapped Children Act, this law was put in place to order that all children with special needs receive service within the public schools. After reading chapter two one thing that I already knew was that everyone has a desire to know if there child is developing at a normal rate. One thing I knew prior to reading chapter eleven was how to conduct and effective parent conference. 2. What did I learn from the information being presented in the chapter? After reading chapter one I come to conclusion that the screening of infants and toddlers in the early…show more content…
What strategies or support and or changes be implemented in future learnings, as a professional? Chapter one talks about how some professional are trying to stay away from standardized testing, instead professionals are try a new approach work samples, observation results and teaching report forms this is called alternative assessment. After reading chapter two I have come to conclude that there are multiple classroom assessment strategies just two name a few I read about in chapter two were observation this way you can determine where the child is in the developmental process, another is checklist developmental checklist is a list of learning objectives for areas of development at a particular age. The reading in chapter eleven clearly states that no one knows the future and what it holds as far as measuring young children. There are multiply demands for accountability. School reform, which is a national phenomenon, will continue to effect early childhood education. After reading chapter eleven as a professional we must hold everyone to a very high standard and we must be consistent with who and how we hold each other accountable. Assessments of young children will continue we must strive in every way to focus on improving what we already have put in

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