Early Childhood Education Observation

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1. While observing the elementary students I noticed a difference in social behavior between different grade levels. The ability to function with other and socialize is due to their emotional age. (pg 10) The younger students that were either in kindergarten or first grade struggled to share the equipment. They argued about who would get to hold the cone and they didn’t work together. The older students had no problem letting others use the equipment and they knew how to share it. Cultural socialization is one aspect of the affective domain, which explains the levels of social interaction of an individual. More sophisticated levels of functioning has an impact on playfulness. (pg 13) I observed the younger students having trouble working with other students to play a sport because their levels of function are not fully developed. 2. Just by observation there were differences in motor behavior between different elementary students. The transactional view displays how the individual, the environment and the task have an impact on motor development. (pg 4) This…show more content…
Based on my experience this lab, I feel that I need to further develop the skill of creativity in order to be able to interact with elementary aged students. Creativity is an important skill to have when creating a lesson plan or activities for the students to do. I want to make sure that when I do make the lesson plan that it is interesting to them and they will want to participate. 4. To make this both a better experience for me and the students at the elementary school it is important to consider how to communicate in a way that will help the students with diverse learning styles. Some of the students will learn by observing while others may learn from doing. Another thing to consider when managing the students and the activities is the different skill levels of the students. It is important to challenge the students that are more advanced while also challenging the students that are not as
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