Early Childhood Education Questions And Answers

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Questions: 1. What is education in the twentieth Century? 2. What should the kids know before starting preschool? 3. What are the components of a strong early childhood program that support future learning? 4. What role does technology play in childhood learning? 5. What are the factors to consider in developing the skills of early childhood? Kindergartens, first set up in the second half of the 19th century, spread in the 20th century. The school curriculum was changed to enable children to be educated as individuals. Vocational school taught skills and enhanced their talents that would enable graduates to compete effectively for job. In recent years the number of community and junior college has growth. They have educated students who are unable to accompany more traditional 4-years colleges and have permitted adults to pursue studies, interests, or careers with no view toward a higher academic degree, During the…show more content…
It will be easier for them to get higher grades, achieve academic works, and it will improve a child’s productivity in life. The development of a child’s literacy starts in life earlier and is associated with the achievements in school. But it does not start that easily. There should be people who are willing to teach and influence them the things they need to know in order to achieve something successfully. Like teach them or let them learn how to apply their skills and knowledge in any situation. Thus, everything that a child learns from talking and listening contributes to their writing and reading skills. However, if a child’s experiences are limited, it may cause the difficulty of the child to adapt in the future situation that might happen, as people learn from experiences not only children. But every trail are better if will be experience at an early age. After all, having knowledge about the world is built through

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