Early Childhood Educator Essay

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The important reason to makes a good and professional early childhood educator is to communicate with children and try to understand them. I did not have any working experience in kindergarten, but I have some experience of taking care of a child due to my mother is a babysitter. The child that my mother takes care is a boy and he’s autism. He is a child that sometimes like lives in his own world and sometimes he is also hyperactive. He likes to sing, dance and write. Besides that, I observed that he don’t know how to tell anyone when he is upset but you will see that his face is very sad. Before that he is a child that really did not like to talk but after he had been take care by my mother for a few months he slowly can answer the question…show more content…
We take a lot of patience to work all day long with young children. Different child has different personality, this will makes our job becomes more challenging. We have to face the same and new or different challenges in different day. We need to have patience on children no matter how many mistakes they make or how many times we need to explains. Being patience are also benefits to children. Besides, teachers need to have good communication skills and need to understand what children were thinking. Teachers need to communicate with children to understand what the child’s need, and yet teachers are also need able to communicate with the child’s parents about the child’s needs, problems and achievements. To ensure a high quality care and education, home school partnership is required. As a teacher we also need creativity. Creativity is a most important component to attract a child. Not only children learn from teachers, teachers also need to learn from children. A successful teacher is willing to learn. Teachers know that they are encouraged to learn for lifetime and not just for a short time as teacher is a life-long learner. Teacher not only gives knowledge to children and also gains knowledge when they
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