Early Childhood Snack Observation

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The previously mentioned snack time in the last entry began around 8:50, the process started with the caregivers in the daycare getting the toddler 's’ attention followed by the question, “Are you hungry?” For the first time since I had started my observation I heard the first completely recognizable sound, which, due to the various voices chiming in was a mixture of “yay” and “yes”. The caregivers moved quickly as one went to the closed door at the back of the room and begin to bring our chairs, the other two kept the toddler 's’ attention as they readied their snack. As toddler sized chairs come around the kids’ table. In the beginning it looked like the process was going to move on pretty smoothly, seeing as how once each toddler got…show more content…
From what I could see, this child was the oldest, but I am only judging this based off of his height and they he was able to talk a little bit more than some of the other kids. It took a little longer for the snacks to be passed out but eventually everyone was seated and the caregivers begin passing out the…show more content…
The actually snacks were either a bagel, orange slices and some other fruit or a juice box and cookie. I could not tell why different kids got different snacks and I did not want to disrupt the snack time to go and ask. The eating habits were what I expected of such younger kids, however, a few kids were neat eaters, most thought did get something on their faces. One thing that did take me by surprise was that none of the children drop their food or throw their food. I also noted that it was the first time I saw Child A without his pacifier in his mouth since I had started observation. By the end of these notes the children were still eating, and none of them were grabbing at each other’s food. Which I found rather interesting, seeing as how some children had different food, I had thought that perhaps one or two kids would have attempted to taste another’s food, but this never occurred. With Jean Piaget’s philosophy of egocentric behavior being an expected trait present in the toddler ages I did expected to see a child disregard the other children and attempt to eat something not on their plate. Essentially when some children received animal crackers towards the end of their
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