Early Childhood Trauma Theory

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As early as the late 1800’s, Sigmund Freud already have founded a theory that experiences from our early childhood years affects and explains our behavior later in life, especially if that experience caused an extreme emotion and feeling such as a trauma. As Freud stated, "drawn further and further back into the past; one hoped at last to be able to stop at puberty … but the tracks led still further back into childhood and into its earlier years" (Freud 1953 [1914], p. 17). Thus, as much as we want to forget a horrific event in order to lead a “normal” life, instead it leaves a big scar that not only affects a small part of your life but you as a whole. Experts of the mind and body, such as psychologists and neurologists just to name a few,…show more content…
Also, find out what are the most struggles and questions that the individuals seek to find answers for. What therapy sessions and medicines do to our bodies in the long run? How much difference it will make if someone who have suffered from childhood trauma get psychological help in their adulthood? Compare childhood trauma and adulthood trauma health consequences?

Overview of Challenges This research topic have been challenging, due to the fact that there are not a lot of studies and research that have been done, more than I would have hoped for. Although, the sources that I have found are very reliable and are heavily based on facts and findings. I am worried that when it comes to the field study, it will be a challenge getting answers that I need for the research from the interviews. I know that a horrific experience is not the easiest thing to discuss and a sensitive subject, I am going to need find an individual who is willing to be open and share their personal experiences. Also, a lot of the sources that I have found some of them are a little outdated and it’s been a definite challenge finding a more recent entry on the subject. If there’s anything that can help me to develop a good interview question, interviewing tips, and/or a better source that I can use for my research is very much welcome and

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