Early Christian Churches Research Paper

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Urban Life of the Early Pauline Churches
The Epistles, letters written by Paul and the book of Acts showed salient features of urban life for the churches. They identified what life was like within the early churches established by Paul. Authored to offer solutions to combat a corrupt society of which Christians had to live then and now.
Persecution was one of the main challenges to the church as it moved into the Roman Empire. Christians were persecuted by Jews and Gentiles alike, through beatings, plots, riots and imprisonment. Even though there was great persecution, there was great growth of Christianity, then handy work of God. God moved through the oppression, in fact it was the catalyst.
The Romans were responsible for their persecution
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Important because He, himself converted to Christianity. Jesus came to him on the road to Damascus, then God used Paul in a powerful way. Paul Himself was a living testimony of his own preaching that God is a loving and merciful. He will used people that one would never thought He used to get His word to the…show more content…
The sexual mores of the Roman Empire of the first century are remarkably like the obsessions of our own today. The role did the pagan cultures play a hefty role in the above Christian challenge because of compromise with sinful ideas and practices. The bible says to be "equally yoked" because blending with people with different standards and values, even if socially acceptable leads away from God. Worldly practices were infiltrating the Corinthian church, if ever there were a time for Christians to be the light shining in the fog of this sin dark world, now is it. We need to not only talk the example of Christ, we must be the example of Christ. Paul was all about oneness with the Lord and purity of the flesh. Most would agree that Paul was all about the facts of being alone and he was ok with this because he had walked alone and it was his way of life. Everyone cannot see themselves in this state of oneness and
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