Early Christian Scripture

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The foundation inherited from Judaism and took for granted a view of the scripture as authoritative. No formal doctrine of the inspiration of scripture was initially pronounced as was the case in Islam, which holds that the Koran was handed down from heaven. Christianity generally believes:
The Bible contains the word of God as communicated by the Holy Spirit.
Their confession of the Bible importance differ considerably among various subdivisions.
All ascribe some degree of authority to it. Metaphysical "new thought " and Christians say that the Bible is the full and sufficient guide in all matters of faith and practice. Others strongly view the authority of the Bible in the light of tradition and practice of the church since Apostolic times.
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Christian refer to Christ, as one who has reconciled Humanity to God. Metaphysic believes that we take on the charge to refer all of Humanity to the knowledge of the Christ in you. The Practical view of early Christian Doctrine is to take the Holy Scriptures by faith. The Bible is divinely inspired in the operation of interpretation through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Scripture reveals insight of Christian beliefs and practices. For the Christians:
The Bible is called a language of intimacy with God.
The Bible answers the ultimate mystery of the universe, a purpose for living, and reconciliation of humanity with their creator. Early Christianity found in such words evidence both of a special standing or position with their Heavenly Father.

Literal Interpretation
It’s commonly known that the Bible has hundreds of different translations. It is the most widely distributed book in human history. In all its forms, the Bible has been enormously influential. Literature art and music along with Western culture embedded to biblical themes, motifs, and images; such authors as King James version in English 1611, Martin Luther's translation in German 1534 influence
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He believed that the story was constructed to explain the origin of an existing tradition; Example Genesis 28:10-19, explanation of the Cult, Legends attached to Sacred sites.

Another aspect of historical literary method is reduction criticism. It's simply exposed layers in the tradition that stands behind the given text; Example: Story of Amos seeks a prophetic message in the Old Testament for Salvation. (The Gospels in the New Testament) sought out in their final form rather than the original tradition on which the day depends. Amos 9:11-15.

Structuralism is a recent development of literary criticism. Structuralism stresses and approach to the text and its final finish form. It explores the Bible correspondence to the literature of other cultures telling similar stories: Example, the Gilgamesh Epic, and the Numa a leash. It attempts to arrive to a universal human psychology, suggesting that the text can have a meaning beyond the understanding of its author. Charles Fillmore says on page 5, paragraph 4, the student will find the foregoing method of analysis work out in the metaphysic
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