Early College Preparation

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The vast majority of students enrolled in a college campus are extremely unprepared for the environment. Many students do not begin preparing themselves for the college setting until they have completed high school; however, this decision may be harmful in the overall success of the individual. While early college preparation can cause burnout, physical or mental collapse due to overwork or stress, parents and administrators should encourage students to begin preparing for college ahead of time because preparation will result in students beging ready for the vigirous course work, allow students to be aware of the expectations prestigious universities anticipate, and introduce students to the wide array of opportunities that are available.…show more content…
According to statistics, the many reasons students provided for failing courses and colleges were grouped into seven categories, motivation (35%), study habits (17%), academic preparedness (12%), external factor (11%), attitudes (10%), instruction (4%), relevancy issues (4%) (Cherif et al.). Students have mentioned that study habits, and instruction, and motivation have strictly contributed to their lack of success throughout a college environment. Although there are exceptions when it comes teaching students to adapt to the expectations of universities such as special needs individuals, it is crucial that students be aware of what they need to do to meet all standards and maybe even exceed them. The fact that 35 percent of students are lacking the necessary motivation to better themselves and complete college is quite absurd simply because this issue could have easily been avoided. Due to the lack of necessary preparation for the college environment and professors, Connie Matthiessen states that nearly 60 percent of first year college students have to take remedial courses ("Why are so many college students returning home?"). It is clear that many students attending college are extremely unprepared for the…show more content…
At the end of their high school career, they may receive an associates degree based on the program that the campus offers. Attending such an incredible program allows individuals to begin their careers ahead of time as well as to get familiar with the overall college environment. According to statistics, about 94 percent of early college high school students graduate with some college credits, the average being 38 ("Early College High Schools Get Results"). Due to the determination of the students to become successful, they have instilled a mindset within themselves to achieve their every goal though they are still young. It may be argued that students who attend an early college or who begin preparing early experience burnout, physical and mental collapse due to overwork or stress, because of the excess amount of schooling they may have to complete and the competition of acceptance into universities. However, according to Liz Freedman, a student employment coordinator for Internship and Career Services at Baylor University, 20 to 50 percent of students who attend college are undecided as to what they wish to pursue, and 75 percent of students change their major once before graduation ("The Developmental Disconnect in Choosing a Major: Why Institutions Should Prohibit Choice
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