Early Colonial America Summary

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Ever since Europeans arrived and colonized the new world there has always been the idea of slavery which became a very important and some may say most crucial part of American history. The website “Africans in America: The Terrible Transformation, 1450-1750” did a tremendous job analyzing and explaining that part of early colonial culture in chronological order. I believe that every historic website should present the information they are providing in a very orderly fashion to not confuse the reader at hand. Furthermore, the information provided is very accurate and interesting. This website has illustrations and a timeline to help elaborate the foundation of slavery, the impact white Europeans had when they first arrived to Western Africa,…show more content…
This was probably one of the main reasons this country was built other than trying to find wealth and prosperity. The website “Religion and the Founding of the American Republic” elaborates and goes into greater detail about the persecution of Europeans which caused them to settle in British American colonies. Just like in the last website, the information was divided into subsections, America as refuge: The Seventeenth century, Religion in Eighteenth-Century America, Religion and the American Revolution, etc. Once again the best way to learn about history is through chronological order and this website did just that. Although, this website did make me daze off a couple of times due to the lack of interest I had while reading some parts of it. There was so many facts thrown at me that it was really hard to process all of it, but it was because of the many churches that were being persecuted and created during that time period. Furthermore, This website provided primary sources that helped understand what people were thinking during that time period such as, Thomas Paine’s “Age of Reason”, “Legend for the Seal of the United States”, and “King James Bible.” All these written documents helps us analyze their thought process behind the complex topic between government and religion. Overall, this website delivered very valuable and accurate information that can be used to learn about how religion shaped this country, the many views on the subject, and how it got to play a major role in our country
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