Early Colonial Religion

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Christianity in Early American History
“In God we trust.” Many Americans see this on their coins and bills. Where does it come from? It comes from early American history when pilgrims seeking religious freedom emigrated to America to worship God in their own way. After this event many people who were Christians came to America to join the pilgrims. If it were not for these pilgrims, America’s money might have a different saying, its famous documents might be different, and America’s government might have different values. Christianity during early American history influenced culture, social life, and government.
The religion of people in colonial times influenced their culture. There were many different types of religion, but most of them
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It was known as the “New England way” because so many New Englanders were Puritans (“ Puritans”). The pilgrims who made the dangerous journey on the Mayflower were Puritans (“Religion in the Colonies”). The Puritans disliked the Catholic Church and believed the English church should be completely separated from it and its practices (“Puritans”). They believed the Bible should be in the language of the people. Puritans believed that the pope was not ordained by God (“Puritans”). Their religion was strict. The Puritans did not believe in pleasures, they were modest in their religion and lifestyle and disliked any religion that was not their own (“Puritans”). The Puritans wanted to establish a pure church. As a result of this they experienced religious persecution. People that lived on land that was inhabited by the Puritans could only practice the Puritan religion (“ Puritans”). Congregationalism and a Congregational church was a result of the Puritan church (“Religion in the…show more content…
This was because if the Puritans inhabited a town the town had to practice the Puritan religion. Punishment would vary based on circumstance, but some dissenters were wiped (“ Religion in the Colonies”). People were even executed for being not compliant to the towns religion (“Religion in Colonial America: Trends, Regulations, and Beliefs”). Dissenters were considered traitors of their family and often had to leave their home because they were banished from their town (“Religion in the Colonies”).
A third influence of Christianity in the colonies was its influence on government. Most colonists paid taxes to the church. In the New England Colonies the region 's leader or leaders would advise the government. Also the Church did not own any property in the town it was located. In the mid Atlantic and southern colonies the Church of England was the law and state’s church. There, the colonists paid taxes to the parish or priest. The Quaker religion was the first to have a public condemnation of slavery as a result of their religion (“Religion in Colonial America: Trends, Regulations, and
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