Early Feminism In India

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Feminism Feminism can be termed as a movement or a doctrine that fights for the equal rights for women. Political, social and economic equality of women was the focus of early feminist movement started in Britain and USA. Women have been always marginalized in most societies, even if they contribute almost half of humanity. Often called the weaker sex, they have been subjected too much suppression, exploitation and humiliation almost everywhere. The denials of justice–social, economic and political to women made feminism emerge as a form of revolt. We could see that feminism movement which began in the west began to spread all over the world .The idea of woman’s freedom gradually took roots in India. Indian women writers also started to…show more content…
A feminist can be addressed as the one who advocates or supports the right and equality of women. Feminist movements lead to the emergence of a new theory named as ‘Feminist theory’, which was having the ultimate aim of understand the nature of gender inequality by examining women’s social roles and living experience. It has developed a number of theories in a variety of disciplines in such a way that it respond to issues such as the social construction of sex and gender effectively. The early form of feminism which was only concentrating the white, middle-class, educated perspectives faced several criticisms from all over the world. Ethnically specific or multi culturalist forms of feminism were the product of these criticisms. Women’s right such as in contract law, property and voting while also promoting bodily integrity, autonomy and reproductive rights for women were part of the early campaigns done by feminists. Societies in the west have changed by the feminist campaign in the aspects of achieving women’s suffrage, equal pay for women, reproductive rights for women (including access to contraceptives and abortion), gender neutrality in English and the right to enter into contracts and…show more content…
In the later 1960s, feminism emerged as an evolving socio-political movement all over the world. Feminism is a theoretical project aims the power structure in the society, male domination social practice and social institution. Feminist theory comes up with the strategies to transform the social structure, which could help in the freeing of women from the societies which are controlled by men. In 1960s and 1970s strong wave help to theories woman’s discourse. In 1980s feminism concentrated on transforming the individual fields which were affecting women’s. Margret Homan’s defines that “the concept of feminism raises fundamental queries about reading, writing and the teaching of literature. It can be defined as an inter disciplinary method for social and cultural analysis and as a political practise”. Feminism helps in transforming the quality of life as well as

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