Early Jamestown Colony Essay

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In early America, the first successful colony was called the Jamestown Colony. It took a while for this new country to fill up, though. This was because, in the beginning, many people died from disease, starvation, and Native American attacks. Many people in the early Jamestown Colony died from a disease. “Summer sickness kills half the colonists” (J. Frederick Fausz, “An Abundance of Bloodshed on Both Sides: England’s First Indian War 1609-1614,” The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, January 1990). This suggests that a lot of colonists were killed from the summer sickness and that disease was a big problem at the time that this happened. “Disease present in the early Jamestown Colony” (Dennis Blanton, “Jamestown’s Environment,”…show more content…
The quote says that “Fish are present in local streams, but only in the spring and early summer are they there in impressive abundance” (Jamestown’s Environment,” Center for Archeological Research, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, 2000). This supports the argument because it shows there are only a lot of fish in the streams during spring and summer, and those fish would probably be festered soon because of their carelessness. So the fall and winter months would probably be a very hungry time for the settlers. In “Ivor Noel Hume, The Virginia Adventure, Alfred A. Knopf, 1994”, it says: “The ship and her lifesaving cargo returned to Jamestown… No one doubted that this new supply of grain would help, but it would not be enough to last the winter. On the other hand, decided the ship’s crew, it was plenty to get them fatly home to England. So it was that Francis West ‘by the persuasion, or rather the enforcement, of his company, hoisted up sails’, and headed out into the Atlantic, leaving the colonists to the Indians and God.” This means that they did acquire some grain, but the people who acquired it were selfish enough to take off with it and go back to England, leaving the settlers alone in America with no food. So, a whole lot of colonists must have died from starvation that
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