Early Jamestown Dbq Analysis

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The people who volunteered or went to Jamestown in Virginia basically signed a apply to death, either dying on the boats or dying at Jamestown. In 1607, the Englishmen arrived at the mouth of the Great Bay on the coast of Virginia(Chesapeake Bay). They went up the James River and settled in what they call Jamestown, but they weren’t prepared for what was in store for them. There were some problems that killed the colonists. The main problems were starvation(by the many causes), the lack of occupations, and the attacks of the indians living by them. The first reason so many colonists died in Jamestown was because of the lack of food, which led to starvation. In Doc. B in the DBQ, Jamestown suffered a drought from 1605-1612. This drought led to no water which led to the lack of fish(Blanton 55).Jamestown also made a reason for the lack of fish, they created a toilet system where they dumped their waste in the river, and the waste did not wash out. In Doc. A, Blanton says, “...filth introduced into…show more content…
In Doc. E, Fausz says that the indians kill “neere halfe”(63). When the indians killed “neere halfe” they killed 51 colonists. Also in Doc. D, Hume states, “ So it was that Francis West by the persuasion or rather by the inforcement of his company hoysed up sails and headed out into the Atlantic, leaving the colonists to the indians and to God”(61). It states here that West leaves them to the indians to basically die. In Doc. C, the information shows they didn’t have barely any bricklayers and masons which led to the lack of houses, they also didn’t have very much gunsmiths to make guns which made them very vulnerable, both offence and defence, to the indians(Smith 59). Another disadvantage to the people of Jamestown was that the indians had very good skills, both in battle and protection. These attacks are another big reason why so many colonists died in
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