Early Jamestown Essay

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The earliest colonist was in charge of Jamestown at this time. Once the colonist arrived at this piece of land by the three ships named the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and the Discovery, they called it Jamestown named after King James the First. The colonist had a ginormous hatred towards the Spanish and was disgusted by the Spaniards’ record of blood thirst. They didn’t trust any other human but their own tribe. “No Spanish intention will be entertained by us neither to hereby root out the naturals [natives], as the Spaniards have done in Hispaniola and other parts,” vowed colonist William Strachey (Price,pg 10). This quote states that the Spanish shall not kill their people for the fun of it. They killed other Hispanic tribes and other cultures and they wouldn’t allow them to kill any of their colonists. The colonist shows that they are not at this land for fun, they were here for work and to get money that they need to live back where they came from. That is how the earliest colonist were in charge of Jamestown. Some of the colonist believed that the Spanish didn’t treat the Indians so harshly. “others not pleasing, that we washed not the ground with their [the natives’] bloods, nor showed such strange inventions in the mangling, murdering, ransacking, and…show more content…
The encomienda system was in the Spanish territories, which granted ownership of an area’s native to favor Spanish settler or military men, then enslaved the people of those once-powerful empires (Price, pg 10). This means that once the Spaniards and military men receive their own property, they felt empowered and took advantage of it by turning the Indians into slaves. The Indians felt that this was karma because some time earlier, they conquered and expelled the Arawaks, the original inhabitants, from Dominica and some of the other small Caribbean islands. Therefore, the political system that emerged and called the encomienda
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