Early Jamestown Why Did So Many Colonists Die

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Early Jamestown In 1607, English Colonists set out on three ships and sailed up the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. They planned to establish the first permanent English settlement in North America. Many colonists died at early Jamestown. There were many reasons the English settlers died at early Jamestown, including their relationship with the local Native Americans, issues with the environment, and their skills. Some colonists died at Jamestown because of the poor relationships they had with the Natives. First, some colonists died because of Native American attacks. This is significant because the colonists sometimes treated the Natives horribly, causing the Natives to fight back. Also, the Native Americans were forced to trade with the colonists. Because of this, the Natives retaliated and attacked the colonists. Lastly, Native American tribes could have told other tribes about the unfair trading. Due to this, this could have ended peaceful trading between the Natives and the colonists, and started conflicts. In conclusion, many colonists died at early Jamestown because of a horrible relationship with the Native Americans. Other colonists died at Jamestown because of issues with the environment. First, the water from the James River, which connected with…show more content…
To start, one hundred ten people came, of which forty-seven were gentlemen, people who were not used to doing labor. This proves that nearly half of the first settlers at early Jamestown were almost useless to the colony. Plus, there were no druggists for medicine, and only one or two surgeons. This indicates that if colonists became sick and the surgeon couldn’t try to heal them, then they would die. Lastly, only a small percentage of colonists had occupations that would actually help the colony. Because of this, the colony would grow very slowly, or not grow at all. Ultimately, many settlers could have died due to their lack of
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