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Quote “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” ------ Lucy M. Montgomery Early Life Author Lucy M. Montgomery was born in November 30, 1874, to a happy couple in Prince Edward Island. The happiness of the family did not go for very long. Due to tuberculosis, Lucy’s mother, Clara passed away when Lucy was 21 months old. Her father, instead of raising her himself, he gave the custody to Lucy’s maternal family. Growing up, Lucy was lonely because she did not have many friends to talk to, instead she built a imaginary world, building up her creativity. She attended Prince of Wales College and Dalhousie University, and achieved the teacher’s license. Professional Life Lucy during her university years, she was studying away from her hometown. To her realisation, she learned that her grandmother was sick. She moved back to Cavendish, her grandmother’s house, to take care of her grandmother. During this period, she was inspired to write stories; unfortunately, her grandmother passed away. Lucy is famous for writing books that has outstanding characters, by expressing her personality.…show more content…
Montgomery is most famous for writing the book called Anne of Green Gables. Anne was adopted to a family, but the family actually wanted a boy at first, however Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert decided to take care of her. The book shows Anne’s daily life which makes her hilarious and attractive. Conclusion In conclusion, Lucy M. Montgomery wrote ten books. few more stories, and poems. Anne of Green Gables became a huge success, it came out into movies, television shows and musicals. The book had spectacular scenes that would not bore me so I could learn a moral of the story in a funny or an easy way.Lucy has a great capability to relieve her stress by writing and her books left many good impression to people until
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