Early Modern World: Industrialization And The Enlightenment

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Throughout history, there are many factors that contributed to the change in perception and outlook of the early modern world. There are two major themes throughout history that portray the change in the early modern world. These themes are the Industrialization and the Enlightenment. Both of these major themes are great impacts to the change in the early modern world where they changed the previous views of beliefs for some people, and the other had technical advancements that changed the world forever. The enlightenment period was one of the greatest forces of change throughout the early modern world. Philosophers such as John Locke, Rene Descartes and many others influenced the push towards the enlightenment. The movement of the enlightenment…show more content…
Alex Smith goes into an explanation of industrialization and how it effects economy, and that man only employs it “for the sake of profits” (Smith, 139) Industrialization has influenced history because it was the industrial revolution, which led to the boom of industries and machines. The boom of these machines were beneficial to some factory owners but negatively impacted the workers. The workers would work long hours and wouldn’t get paid a lot. With the boom of industries it helped factory owners, because they would have more then enough workers due to “specialization” not being a necessity as it was during medieval times and even prior to that. For example during this time in history both you and I are two different specializations yet we could both get the work done due to machines. The fact that machines started impacting industries led to child labor. The child labor that was being done was cruel where they were in ill working places getting neglected. In the British Parliament Investigators they asked,“Why do you allow your children to go to work at these places ill treated and overworked?” answered by “Necessity compels a man…” (SMW, P 166). These factory owners had no care for Children Labor, and this in turn changed children working forever where in 2015 most places require you be 18 years of age or you cannot get the
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