Persuasive Essay About Getting Married At 18

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People who get married at 18
Marriage at the age of 18 is becoming more common these days. Some people get married to see their kids. Also, some people get married for a lifelong commitment, and in order to live with someone who understands them and remains to be their companion through the rest of their life. People who support the marriage at this age think that it helps the couples understand each other from the beginning and it helps them to get away from unsuccessful relationships. However, marriage at 18 may lead to several problems, such as divorce and early motherhood.

Divorce is considered to be one of the most important problems in marriage at the age of 18. Divorce problems have spread widely in the community in recent times. Divorce means separation of the couple from each other and each of them is going to live alone. A lot of people at the age of 18 are married and they believe that loving someone is the only basis of marriage. They do not think about
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It may be true that getting married early leads to getting children close to their parent’s age to become their friends. Nevertheless, people should understand and take the experiences of others. Frequent divorce is the cause of many problems for married couples in this age. Society must put an end to this problem and determine the appropriate age for marriage. Maturity of mind and the ability to handle responsibility and patience are all considered to be the demands of a successful marriage, not only love. According to Sheri Stritof (n.d.), in “Problems Attributed to Child Marriage,” The death of girls under the age of 20 is mostly because of early pregnancy. Pregnancy needs a strong body to handle endurance. Girls under 20 are still in their teens, and others in the process of growth. Thus, problems and errors of early marriage are more than its

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