Early Native Americans

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Before the arrival of the Europeans in the 15th century, the Native people were owning the American land. It is believed that the Natives first arrived in the Western Hemisphere by sailing from Asia through the North Pacific into more series of migrations. Those Native Americans were also known as Indians or Redskins; they had their own traditions and beliefs (religion). Their religious beliefs started from 25,000 years ago until the 1950’s. They had no wealth and politics, barely able to write, the long and the short of it, they lacked civilization. The Indian expansion and population growth stopped when the Spanish arrived in the 16th century and the British and French in the 17th century. The Native American poverty level reached its limits…show more content…
The first village built by the English was named “James Fort” in honor of their monarch. Within two weeks the Indians, known as the Powhatan’s, found out from the Secotans (North Carolina Native Americans), where most of the recent settlements got “lost”, so they attacked the village. The attack was a failure because the British drew out the Indians with cannons and muskets. After the British drove the Indians away showing more power they also had disadvantages, most of the settlers were trained soldiers and gentries which means they didn’t have enough farmers and farm land to feed all 150 colonists. By the first half of September more than half of the James Fort city (later Jamestown) colonists died, taking the Powhatan’s to pity. This action made Captain John Smith, the colony’s leader, gain more power over time. The Indians thought that if brought into their Confederation the colonists would be a fine source of military equipment and metals. After a short period of time the Fort James food store caught on fire which made the colonists think it was the Powhatan’s, so Captain John Smith forced the Indians to trade with them. Their chief refused which made Smith
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