Early Recollection Case Study

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Capus Barnett
Skills 5
Skill 1. Early Recollections. Client is a 35-year-old African American mother of three who has been referred to my agency for anxiety and anger management. All her children are assigned to my caseload for therapy regarding anger management and social skills. The mother is currently enrolled in GED classes, but is struggling to pass the classes. The mother stated that she feels anxious when taking the tests and have failed several times before, which adds to her anxiety.
2. Briefly describe client situation. I was assigned to make a home visit with the mother. The mother is normally usually excited to see me because she is eager to finally earn her GED and want all the help she can get. When I arrived at her house, we
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Using generic interpretations in order that are derived from this practice model. I utilized this skill with the same 35-year-old client written about earlier in the same conversation that I utilized the skill of “early recollections.”
2. Briefly describe client situation. During the conversation, when I had the client to reminisce on her first experience of anxiety that she experienced when she took a test, I could see that the client spoke with sadness and remorse that she wasn’t able to finish her high school diploma. In response to her statement, I replied that you seem to regret not being able to finish your high school education.
3. Immediate response or what happened when you did this. The client admitted that she does regret not being able to finish her high school education. I reminded the client that it is never too late to finish it and thankfully she is working towards it now. I helped her look at the positive side of things and reminded her that she has three beautiful, healthy children and she still able to pursue her education herself. The client agreed with me and stated that she is thankful for her children and would never trade them for anything. The client also stated that she is happy to have someone like me support her while she is trying to earn her GED and she feels more confident in her abilities

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