Early School Discipline In School

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Discipline in school’s have been around since the 1800s. However, over the centuries, the discipline in schools have changed tremendously. From hitting children with rulers to 0 tolerance rules, from detention, suspension, and expulsion, the school system has many ways of discipling their students. However, the real question here is; does this disciplinary system actually work? Does being discipline in the classroom cause one’s behavior to actually change for the better? Research is in favor of both sides.
Some agree that discipline in schools are in fact effective. They believe this because they think that discipling a child will alter their behavior in a similar situation the next time it occurs. For example, if a student doesn 't do their
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If the student was not disciplined as a child, they may react differently when they are disciplined in school. According to Effective Discipline for Children, “The word discipline means to impart knowledge and skill – to teach. However, it is often equated with punishment and control” (Effective Discipline for Children). Effective ways to discipline your children may include time- outs or spanking. These may be effective because one is physical while the other is mental. Different strategies may work on different children. During a timeout the child has time to think about what they did wrong. I believe most timeouts should end in a conversation about the behavior in order to improve on it. I believe timeout becomes less effective when you do not communicate about the problem. Spanking is a physical form of discipline. Because it is physical, it may be more effective because the child may remember the pain and not want to endure it…show more content…
School-age children tend to act autonomously, choose their own activities and friends, and, to some extent, recognize other than parental authority. Parents should continue to supervise, provide good behavioural models, set rules consistently, but also allow the child to become increasingly autonomous.” (Effective Discipline for Children). This is an age where parents and the school need to begin communicating with one another in order to give the child proper discipline. If a student is being disciplined at school but given free will at home, the discipline may not be as effective. However, if the student is being disciplined at home, there is no way they could ask for their child to be disciplined at school too for something that happened at home. But when it comes to being disciplined for a school occurance, i believe it is more effective if both the parents and school are involved in order to create the best disciplinary route for the
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