Early Years Frame Work And Jean Piaget's Four Stages

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The Early Years Frame work acts as a guideline for Key Workers to follow which also acts as a theorist. However research carried out by Morris et al 2010 have shown that children find this transition relatively easy and manageable to adapt to a new environment, class room and teacher. The foundation Phase is also another guideline in which staff should follow to enable children settle in. By following this as a guideline and also having the welsh assembly governments support will offer both teachers and child/children a positive relationship and trust also the best outcomes. These Key issues link and relate to the theorist C1 There are many theorists that may be linked to this transition, however the two I am going to focus on are Jean Piaget and Maslow 's hierarchy of needs.…show more content…
Jean Piaget has four stages throughout his theory and they are sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational period.Piaget focused his theory mainly on play. He worked on children 's intellectual skills by talking to the children listening and observing. He believed that all children have to go through each stage in order, for example he thought that a child couldn 't go from the first stage on to the third stage. One way how Jean Piaget is linked to my placement would be that children playing in the role play area his theory is influencing practice as children are developing holistically. For example if children are playing house they get the opportunity to dress up and choose a character to be. I have seen this within my placement a variety of times with individual
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