Early Years Learning Framework Essay

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‘Language gives shape and organisation to thought’ (Winch, Ross- Johnston, March, Ljungdahl & Holliday, 2010. Pg 467). Several fascinating aspects of language include it being a form of communication, which interprets information and passes messages from one person to another. For each individual language is different due to cultural backgrounds and beliefs, different communities and also the individuals’ capabilities. Speaking to a person verbally is not the only form of language, it can be writing, reading, listening and even body language. Due to technology, language is changing all the time, for example, cellular telephones and computers and the effect they have on our communication skills. The positive side of the language required with new technology, is that it is constantly evolving, challenging our minds extending our reading and writing skills with the added bonus of saving a lot of time having lengthy
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This is basing the children’s learning on their interests and is comprehensible to all children. The framework believes that children are best taught when they engage in experiences and that they learn from the relationships they have with people around them, in particular their parents because they are the first educators (EYLF, 2014). The EYLF has three key elements, Belonging, Being and becoming. Belonging is the core element and is crucial to a child’s life, the framework aims for a child to feel as though they belong in an environment. Being, is the celebration of here and now and Becoming is what is to come for the children in the future, what shapes the children into what they want to become (EYLF, 2014). The EYLF has five different learning outcomes, which focus on the skills and knowledge a child will learn in the early childhood setting. It is a guide for educators to attune all these outcomes in a child’s
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