Media Briefing Case Study

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1. What is the difference between a media briefing and a press conference? What do you think would be the most suitable for your class project, and elaborate why. Media briefing as part of publicity techniques, is a session designed to provide background information or guidances in news coverage to ensure our expectations are intersect with journalists` needs. Media briefing aimed to strengthening relationships with journalists by looking thorough their interest and lessening different perception or interpretation. Media briefing involves less than 30 media (at about 10 – 15 media) that are suitable in certain topics. Implementation of media briefing proper within small scope events, for instance beauty product launching or sample product…show more content…
Goals of Earth Hour Indonesia campaign:  Attracting as many individuals, households, and government to join turning off the lights as a symbol of contribution towards climate change  Encouraging and educating the public regarding global warming and what can be done to be part of the change in reducing global emission  Engaging the participation of corporation to communicating Earth Hour, both staffs and an external networks as commitment to turning off the lights and made policy changes in energy usage  The formation of public green community activities in several cities throughout Indonesia  Continuing the energy efficiency targets and changing lifestyles in big cities with high electricity…show more content…
Since publication through public service announcement and television broadcasting had been done, social media seen as determinants in reaching wider audiences. Thus, Earth Hour Indonesia involve the public in donating social media account to spreading out messages relating environmental action on  Coordinating the financial management proplerly as incomes through many sources, one of them is funding. Asking participants in supporting crowdfunding motion which was conducted by Earth Hour community on  Promoting social media platform as major components in calculating the amount of participants and delivering

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