The Importance Of Saving Our Planet

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The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Our solar system has many planets such as Mercury, Mars, and Neptune but the most unique of them all is our planet Earth. Earth has many unique features like being able to grow plants, having a sufficient amount of water but the most peculiar out of all of these is that Earth is the only planet that can sustain life. This also makes Earth one of the most beautiful planets in our solar system. Earth has developed a lot because of the advancement of the human race, the most intellectual out of all the species, but with this development comes a price, the price of the life of both Mother Earth and its ecosystem. This is because of the pollution caused by this acceleration of
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This won’t destroy it particularly but it will destroy its beauty, the life on Earth. Each year terrorist attacks and corruption are taking the lives of thousands. Even in this the only reason it has evolved is no one taking strict actions against this. Despite the government being corrupt, we could do something. Why just read the newspaper and pass comments on how corrupt the government is. We shouldn’t be frightened if we are alone. If we are right people will automatically support us. Why should we be so dependent on the government to solve this?
Most of us are quite selfish and lazy. We think others will do our work and because of that don’t work ourselves. Some people underestimate the power of what one can do. These are the most lethal stereotypes which we need to get rid of to save our planet. There is an old saying,” many drops make the sea” which applies perfectly here.
All we have to do to contribute in saving our planet are small deeds like carpooling. These small deeds will enlarge slowly and Earth will be a safe place once again. We should take care and protect our planet Earth because it cares and protects
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