Earthquake: A Short Story

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Here lies a paper that is written from a third person in past tense and this paper will tell you about a girl named Ashley and the choice she had to make. The author 's name is Susan Beth Pfeffer. Ashley is a girl who has lived with her parents who were divorced when she was six years old. Then later on she is faced with a difficult task, whether she should steal 200 hundred dollars from her mom or not? Her dad told her to steal the 200 dollars because he was in debt. Ashley didn’t like her mom, and she had been a dad’s girl more than a mom’s girl. She chose to borrow the 200 hundred dollars, but she didn’t ask her mom so I would call it stealing. “Take the money, and come right down. Then I’ll drop you off in front of her place like always, and she’ll never know the difference.” (Pfeffer,4). He is paying off the money that he owes , but first she must steal the money in order for him to be not in debt anymore. “No, I just thought maybe you could borrow the money. Just for a day or two, until I straighten out all my finances. Your mother would never know the difference. Unless there’s an earthquake or the Martians invade. I think we can gamble neither of those things will happen before…show more content…
“What do you want for supper, Ashley? I can offer you pizza, Chinese, or fast.” (Pfeffer,2) He is giving her options to eat for dinner. Also it sounds like he doesn’t make dinner and that’s why he wastes his money .“ Then diner it is, I said. Rice pudding for dessert he said as we walked out the door.” (Pfeffer,3) His favorite and her favorite dessert is rice pudding which is a England food. “When he got in, he was full of smiles and kisses. Ashley!” (Pfeffer,2) He is positive towards her. Also it sounds like he hasn’t seen her for a long time. The last concluding sentence is that he is a positive person that loves to take her out to dinner. Plus from reading this whole paper she’s been a dad’s girl more than a mom’s
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