Earthquake In Loon: America's Greatest Mistakes

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not have a house? Or be rummaging through rubble to find your family well that 's what it was like in the Philippines when a huge earthquake hit in Bohol. When a 7.1 earthquake hits in Bohol, it is the strongest temblor to shake the area in over 23 years, it killed over 180 people and destroyed almost all the houses down to the foundation. Ports, schools and airports reported damage, and a hospital collapsed on Bohol in Loon, killing at least 18 people (BE). People react after a major destruction caused by mother nature by… Gathering supplies, evacuating to safer grounds, and when you are hurt or in need of help the Red Cross comes.

People react after a major destruction caused by mother nature by gathering supplies. After the earthquake people had to go get water from the wells, but the water was not as clean as it used to be. (DocC) People tried to find things like wood and stone to repair or rebuild their houses. (DocA) They gathered cloth and other things to try and make tents so that they would have a place to stay when it rained. (DocB) Those three reasons are about how when stuff is broken and bad, you need to go and gather things
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After the disaster most people’s homes were destroyed and there were almost 100 people who evacuated to evacuation centers. (DocC) There was also a total of 22,816 families that had evacuated to nearby evacuation centers. (DocD) “Some of our close relatives like Uncle Carlto and Aunt Ronie have evacuated to safer grounds like Tagbilaran city.” (DocB) Most people when something like that happens evacuate to evacuation centers, but if the storm or whatever is happening is major then they would evacuate to other cities and wait for it to be over. If it is an earthquake they would not have a good chance at evacuating because the rods and sidewalk would be falling

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