Earthquake In The Japan Earthquake

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Frog, then, told Katagiri what was the destruction he was talking about. Katagiri was shocked on what he have heard that there would be an earthquake in Tokyo, much more greater than the Kobe earthquake last January, that would strike at 8:30 A.M. on February 18, 1995 which would kill hundreds of thousands of people and its epicenter would be beneath Shinjuku branch of the Tokyo Security Trust Bank where Katagiri was working as an Assistant Chief. Frog had chosen Katagiri to be with him to fight Worm, who would cause the great earthquake in Tokyo, underground. But Katagiri resisted it because he knew himself that he was just a 40 year old ordinary man and his life was a miserable and a horrible one and it was unjust and unreasonable for him that a person like him could or would save Tokyo. Yet, for Frog, only a person like Katagiri could save Tokyo and he never had seen such except Katagiri. Within sixteen years of collecting debts, Katagiri accepted this dangerous work even when collecting debts from Kabukicho, which was full of violent people, without any recognition or appreciation, or even respect from others and yet he never complained or showed anger. Not only have he experienced it at his work but also in his family; his sister and brother. And to fully convince Katagiri to agree and to gain trust fom him, Frog promised him to settle his problem in Big Bear Trading which he found difficult recovering the loan that the bank had made for them. And so the next morning,

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