Earthquake Reflection

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location and on the same seismograph. The Richter Scale difference was an increase of one. Water play a significant role in ground failure during an earthquake. The water is place into spaces and create a rhyme for the earthquake. The water can also spread the grain apart and to start a massive slide downward. Liquefaction is a earthquake soil is stable and become liquidized and return to a solid mass again. Liquefaction can severely damage roads, buildings, and sediment. Chapter 4: Earthquake Predictions, Forecast, and Mitigation The extent is accurate in predicting an earthquake in the shifting any activity. It’s not 100 percent accurate but due to technology resources we are at least 70 percent. That an earthquake is coming. The science is there in registering the magnitude activity it’s pretty much hard to be exact. Earthquakes can be monitored not predicted. The movement in fault is a precursor of letting us know an earthquake is coming. Foreshocks is an indicator that an earthquake is coming. The magnetic fields in the faults can be measure and monitor any activity. The levels of the radon and magnetic fields changes can be monitored. The elevation in the ground that changes can monitored for earthquake activity. A major fault having a minor activity than the neighboring is a seismic gap. His seismic gaps will be more to happen in large

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