Personal Narrative: My Unforgettable Day In Cairo Egypt

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I woke up in the morning after the earthquake to the bright sun and the usual smell of the sand. It was a normal day in Cairo Egypt the same as always. My Mom was in the hospital helping her patients and my dad helping carry supplies to the army sight. It was a very hot day and I remembered today I have to walk to the market to buy some food. My sister Tal was outside digging another hole hoping that she could find something to sell. Ronni as usual, wiping the sand from her beloved maps studying the gorgeous Sahara desert. Ronni always wanted to travel there. It was her dream to be able to navigate it.
I made some lunch, packed it in my backpack, and then walked out of our small yellow sand brick house which was about 6 km from city centre. I was just on my way
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“I will throw you a rope and I want you to tie it around your waist,” he said.
I was relieved that someone had come rescued me and I was very happy to hear another voice. He threw the rope down and I grabbed it with my good arm. I tied the rope snug and he got two of his friends to help pull me out. It took awhile for them to pull me out, but when they did I was so relieved. I thanked the man and his friends for all the help and gave them each a slice of bread from my lunch.
It was getting dark, so I slung my backpack behind my back and took off not even getting their names. I picked up a bike from a nearby bike rental and was biking to the market when I was stopped by four people in an alleyway. They were dressed in black coats and they had old ripped up face masks with some numbers on the forehead, but it was too dark to make them out. The people looked like they wanted to make trouble. I looked around to see if I could make a run for it when three more popped out of both sides of the alley. I was cornered! So many ideas were racing through my mind and I could feel the sweat build up on my forehead. My heart was starting to beat faster and I started

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