Eassy Essay: The 1839 Slave Ship La Amistad

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My essay is about the 1839 slave ship La Amistad. Amistad is the name of a slave ship traveling from Cuba to the South of the United States in 1839 but accidentally the ship travel to the North of the United States and the North was against of the South because the South has slaves. The slave ship is carrying African people as its cargo. As the ship is crossing from Cuba to the United States, Cinque, a leader of the African people, leads a munity and takes over the ship. The Africans spare the lives of two Spanish navigator to help them sail the ship back to Africa. The navigators misdirect the Africans and sail north to the United States, where the ship is stopped by the American Navy, and the 53 living Africans imprisoned as runaway slaves. First, Joseph Cinque is taking a nail from the wood to escape from the cuffs. Next, he helps the other slaves to get free. Later, they killed all of the crew and start taking over the ship. Next, Cinque forces the two Spanish men to take them back to Africa but they change the route of the ship. Later, they arrive to the costs of the United States. Later, they are capture by the U.S. Navy ship. Next, they are taken to jail. Later, the slaves are taken to court and several people claim property of the slaves. For Example: The United States Navy officers, the two Spanish men, The Queen of Spain (Isabella II), and the Abolitionist Union who want to set the free. Next, the Abolitionist talk to Mr. Roger Baldwin and Mr. Baldwin and Mr.

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