Eassy On Machine And Technology

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The human body is the most amazing tool, however it often needs a helping hand. 10 million years ago, human made machines from woods, stones, antlers and bones. The only difference is that man has got a life and consciousness which machines don’t have. Machines work resembling extensions of our body, making our work much more efficient. Machines increases our lives and if properly used, they add comfort to our lives. As modernization takes over, machine has brought significant impact on our daily lives. The impacts are extraordinary that it would make conventional skills and our lifestyles changed greatly due to the invention of machine and technology. Machine itself has make our tasks easier, adding technology in it brings double the boon.…show more content…
Machine has affected our lives deeply because we simply cannot imagine to live without it. The inventions of machines have brought benefits such as machine made our work easier and faster, company rely less on physical labour, and lesser money are used in a company. However, with all this benefits it occur problems too which are over-dependency on machine, men have loss of skills and unemployment have increases rapidly. The invention of machine and technology has the potential to change the world at an increasing rate, but humans can no longer keep up (Larry Downes, 2009). Machine and technology are inevitable. Despite that, the depths to which we accept machine is up to us. We don’t have the attention to inspect every square millimetre of every scan looking for cancer cells. We don’t have the millisecond reflexes needed to inflate molten glass to shape into a bottle. We don’t have an infallible memory to keep track of every pitch in major baseball games and calculate the probability of the next pitch. We aren’t giving robot and machine the jobs. Most of the time we are giving them jobs we could never do. But, when robot and machine do our most basic work, making it easy for us to be fed, clothed and sheltered then what are humans actually for? The real issue regarding machine and technology is not whether it is good or bad but whether we are grown-up and mature enough to use wisely what we have
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