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My life has been a struggle at times, but my hard work, self-confidence, and eternal passion for my education and my community will outstandingly prepare me to be a successful member of this community at East Carolina University. I have had many different educational experiences that I feel have been beneficial for me. These things include Advance Placement and Honors classes, clubs, and volunteering for different organizations. I am a hardworking and challenging student, who likes to take Advance Placement and Honors classes and challenge herself. I have taken 3 AP classes previously, and currently enrolled in 2 for senior year of high school. AP classes have prepared me for college classes which take time to study and comprehend. I have also taken plenty of Honors classes, by having the opportunity to expand my learning. I was involved in Cure Club, HOSA Club and Beta Club my junior year of high school. After I changed high schools, after my junior year, I joined HOSA and Beta again at my new school. HOSA club is a great educational experience, especially if you are interested in going into the health field. My…show more content…
I volunteer for different types of things like my doctor’s office, family business, and religious organizations. I volunteer at my doctor’s office by helping the nurses with the patients, and cleaning up after them. I volunteer to help manage the family business and give them a hand with different tasks. I spend an abundant time volunteering for religious organizations like Indian dances and activities by organizing events and planning things out. I have had many different outstanding educational experiences in my past, like AP and Honors classes, clubs and volunteering in my community. My educational experiences have taught me to challenge myself and become a part of different organizations related to serving the community, which will prepare me to be a successful member for the East Carolina University

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