East Cross Printing Case Study

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A union bug typically contains a genuine label representing the code that offers identification of the printing company that has done the work of the printing. A graphic representation of the union may be printed through a union bug printing. Particularly when the printing services are offered with the union bug on it, it offers with a high level of genuineness on the printing work done. The print shop of East Cross Printing offers this facility to its customers, especially considering the politicians. The union bug on the printed materials clearly has another major role to play in this regard. When the bug is presented on the printed material, it reflects a support for the Unions of America, making it a part of political printing. Such printing facilities are made available for different objects such as on newsletters, business cards, stationery items, invoices and other such items which are generally used for political purposes. There are various ways in which union print shops can assist politicians with their printed materials. These include signs used in lawns, door hangers, mailers, labels and other related items.…show more content…
It can be placed at the bottom, or at the centre of the materials, and is generally in a small size having the logo and the necessary code information. Union made products are actually highly preferred by individuals, as they would love to support the union in that way. The bug actually looks like a small insect when printed on the materials. A union bug printed on a material, say a cloth or accessories would mean a high level of support for the politician and the people of the particular political parties. It reflects a strong support and acts as a form of identity for the political party as
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