East Is East: A Literary Analysis: East Is East

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Setting in a novel, poem, or drama is one of the most important literary techniques. Contrary to what some people think, setting is not just a place where events of a plot take place. In essence, setting is much more complex which is sub-categorized into three elements: • Time • Location • Duration Time refers to the period in which a story takes place. A story can take place in near past, distant past, present, future, and so on. Location is the space in which a story takes place. It is essentially the world of characters. Location can be imaginative like outer galaxies or parallel universes. Additionally, a story can have many locations. Lastly, duration is the time frame in which a story takes place. A story can conclude in a couple of nights or may spread across a couple of centuries. I have chosen setting for my analysis because I believe it lets readers imagine themselves in that place and time. Whenever I 'm reading a story, I try and imagine myself in that place, connect different dots, solve puzzles, and try to guess the outcome of a scenario. While reading a Game of Thrones, I developed a certain affiliation with The Wall and wondered what would I do if the White Walkers attacked the place? The first text that I have chosen for my analysis is East is East by Ayub Khan-Din. It takes place in early 1970s Britain and revolves around George Khan, a Pakistani immigrant living with his seven children and wife. George Khan is depicted driven by the desire to bring up
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