East Los Angeles School Walkout Analysis

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In 1968, Chicano students decided they were tired of how the school system treated them and decided it was their time to fight back. East Los Angeles schools decided to take it upon themselves and create a walkout. Select students from each school met together with the Brown Berets and made a plan. They all stuck to what they were going to do and in March of 1968, thousands of student in East Los Angeles High Schools walked out. They made picket signs and chanted. These students did several walkouts to try to get their voices heard and make the educational system change. The major problem with the East Los Angeles schools were how racist the school board was towards the Chicano students. The school board was proving how racist they were towards…show more content…
Organization is the major key to making anything happen successfully. First off you have to designate a strong leader. You need someone who knows what is going on so that they can successfully lead the movement and make wise choices when it comes to whatever kind of plan you’re going to make. You also need a leader who is fair, willing to listen to everyone’s suggestions, and not willing to give up on the rest of the group. Besides a good leader, one must also make a clear and organized plan. You cannot just go out and do something, it will not work. You have to be organized and have a plan and make sure everyone in the group goes by it. Once you know the plan, you have to go full out. When you want to make something happen and leave an impact, you will have to not back out, but also get others to join in with…show more content…
In the first place, almost every teenager has a phone or access to some type of technology. The social media world would be overfilled with information over what was going on. With all the technology we have now, a protest could be run many different ways. For example, the students from different schools could have just started a group chat to discuss the plan instead of meeting at a certain place and then the spy’s would have not seen them having meetings at night. Also, if a protest were to happen today, when the police went after the students and started beating them, other students could video and put it all over social media for everyone to see. Not to mention how lazy kids are now. Most high school students are so lazy that they would not even care enough to try to attempt to organize a
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