East Of Eden Literary Analysis

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The bible is classic form of literature that many refer to in many forms, and East of Eden by John Steinbeck is one of the more famous examples of creating an entire story based on an allusion to the bible. Steinbeck borrows many elements from the bible that allow the reader to be captivated in his ideas, and he does this very methodically in order to retain those readers. East of Eden, a classic American novel, borrowed content from the bible in order to establish the theme that as humans we are able to indulge in knowledge of the world and sin A classical allusion to the bible is the description of the evil “character of Lilith.” Per Merriam-Webster, this biblical character is defined as, “A female figure who in rabbinic legend is Adam’s…show more content…
The bible simply describes how God creates the sun, the sky, and the seas, and how miraculous the creation of these elements were. They allowed for a positive outlook in order to live an optimistic life. Steinbeck borrows this idea of describing the positivity of the Salinas Valley and the miracle of its beauty and fertility. He describes that, “on the wide level acres of the valley the topsoil lay deep and fertile. It required only rich winter of rain to make it break forth grass and flowers,” (Steinbeck, 4). With description, he allows the optimistic view that, “under the live oaks...the maidenhair flourished,” and, “mossy banks of the water courses whole clumps of five-fingered ferns and goldy-backs hung down,” (Steinbeck, 5). Steinbeck allows for his theme of the choices of sin leading to success by describing the drawbacks of the setting: “The valley was deep and rich, but the foothills wore only a skin of topsoil no deeper than grass roots; and the farther up the hill you went, the thinner grew the soil,” (Steinbeck, 5). The bible does the same by lamenting the fact that the apple in the Garden of Eden shall not be eaten, while it is clear that there is a foreshadow to

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