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Walk on Research Paper

Walk on in East Tennessee. There are many major historical landmarks in this region of upper east Tennessee and there are also historical figures that make this region of the country, a place visitors would go. East Tennessee has an important place in history. There are also many famous Tennessean’s that played a role in history. There are many attractions in east TN including the race track, rhythm and roots and other fun attractions.

East Tennessee has been a major part in some of U.S. history. The lost state of Franklin was an idea and it was disputed over. This was a major point in the history of the United States, because this would have added another state in the country and it would have been inside of parts of other states (Tennessee and modern day North Carolina). This would have had an unbalance in the number of states in the U.S. Luckily for the country, the state of franklin failed to become a state. Tennessee also would be known as the state with very mixed civil war opinions. According to the 1860 U.S. census, Tennessee had a free population of 834,082 and an additional slave population of 275,719. ("Tennessee”) Tennessee however joined the confederacy. Although Tennessee joined the Confederacy during the Civil War, there was much pro-Union sentiment in the
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An interview with our former teacher Mrs. Sword, gave us a good understanding on how East TN has effected people today. This region really leaves an impact on the people that live here. She moved to the beach and worked there for a year, and missed East Tennessee too much. She wanted to come back, so she did. She volunteers for rhythm and roots, another big event that impacts society today. She wanted to help something to help East Tennessee to help the region and society not just to get money for something or somebody. She showed that East Tennessee had a great effect on her and her family. ("East Tennessee
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