Easter, 1916 And Liam O Comain's Bloody Sunday

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A comparison of imperialism in W.B.Yeats’ Easter, 1916 and Liam O Comain’s Ireland’s Bloody Sunday

Both Yeats and Comain were the great Irish poetry writers and had written innumerable poems. Yeats’ poem Easter, 1916 and Comain’s poem Ireland’s Bloody Sunday were written post the Irish revolutionary acts in 1916 and 1972 respectively in which the rebels got executed or killed. During both the Irish revolutionary acts, rebels comprised of well-known personnel, who fought for the sheer benefit of the Irish people (Benian, 1959). Thus, both the poems can be said to have been written in memory of the martyrs, whose death can be truly accounted to an act of liberation acquisition as well as for civil rights acquisition. “Hearts with one purpose alone” (Yeats, 1916) is one of the supporting statements of exposing Irish desire of liberation from British rule. Similarly, “As they marched for civil rights” (Comain, 1972) is another testimony of Irish desire of acquiring their civil rights. Conversely, despite the fact that these poems share similarities to certain extent, the dissimilarities these poems share cannot be overlooked. Thus, this essay will attempt to depict the similar imperialistic rule of British that prevailed in Ireland, which are in Yeats’ and Comain’s poems titled Easter, 1916 and Ireland’s Bloody Sunday respectively. This can be well substantiated with Yeats’ and Comain’s mention of British overarching rule over Irish; and Irish revolution against the British
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