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Easter in London and Malta

Easter is an important holiday all over the world, but if you wish to truly enjoy this special time of the year, in a very nice and entertaining manner, then you should definitely plan ahead and first of all, you should better choose your destination. As you probably imagine, Easter is celebrated in various ways, depending on each country, but we recommend you two wonderful destinations where you can spend an excellent time with your family or friends next Easter: London and Malta.

Easter in London
In London, Good Friday and Easter Monday are declared public holidays. This means that most of the shops are closed, except some small shops, which may open for a shorter schedule than usually. Public transport may also
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For grown-ups, there are other attractive activities to attend, such as chocolate afternoon teas and various Easter concerts.
Families are not forgotten, so that organizers have a lot of interesting ideas and they create special moments for the families, so they can spend time together, to feel the holiday atmosphere and to celebrate this holiday not only from the marketing point of view – which is the Easter bunny side of this holiday – but also from the religious point of view. Hence there are organized special activities with a historic theme and religious services.
Some of the most interesting things for families to do on the Easter holiday in London include:
- Easter Egg Hunts
- Visiting museums
- Going to restaurants
- Visiting some of the most famous attractions in town
- Going to the theatre
- Enjoy some of the most interesting day tours in London
- Take bus tours through the town

Easter in Malta
In Malta, Easter and the Holy Week are primarily considered for their religious character. Easter is especially celebrated in churches, where faithful people gather to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus
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