Easter Island Vs Easter Island

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The relationships within and between societies, as well as their interactions with the environment, have undergone major shifts since globalization emerged several centuries ago. This process brought about both positive and negative changes; however, its negative impacts are more historically prominent, as it brought about an era of disease pandemics, the mass exploitation of natural resources, and global warming. To better understand these issues, one may study how globalization in history bears a resemblance to the closely linked society of Easter Island, whose clans collectively depleted their resources and consequently destroyed their society. A similarly close economic system also made it possible for the 14th century’s Black Death to occur. Finally, modern history gave way to the beginning of mass pollution and deforestation through the Industrial Revolution, which in turn accelerated globalized trade and led to more disease pandemics. The active global exchange economy, which was established by globalization, led to the widespread environmental degradation and disease that is found throughout history. The environmental damage that globalization caused, particularly the depletion of resources, can be illustrated by the rise and fall of Easter Island. Such a comparison between Easter Island and Earth is drawn in Jared Diamond’s Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, in which Diamond predicts Earth’s future if it overexploits its resources as Easter Island
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