Easter Vigil

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For Easter Vigil this year I had the opportunity to attend Saint Rose Catholic Church on April 15 with my roommate Javier Guerra. The church is located in his hometown Great Bend Kansas. For me, it was the first time in quite a bit that I have attended an Easter Vigil at a catholic church. I usually go to a different type of Easter service with my mother at her church. Great Bend is a very small town and a lot of Javier’s friends and family were all there in attendance, which really made me feel like I was at home. I would say that most people there in Great Bend are religious. Overall the experience was very peaceful and reminded me of the atmosphere I feel when I am home. During the liturgy at Saint Rose, the atmosphere from the start…show more content…
The book also mentions how celebrations allow us to learn from others and from the men and women of the past whose insights are embedded in the traditional elements of celebrating (Cooke pg41). The liturgy for certain from the beginning readings was focused on remembering what the Lord started and throughout remembering the different events that changed the world. Also, the whole service was a celebration for certain, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As the book mentions the men and women of the past it made me realize that for centuries people have been celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The role of the priest was there to be our guide, he spoke of how people celebrate all over the world and how the world is most united during the Easter Vigil. The women that were there were more in roles as helpers and not as main roles. The liturgy I felt impacts more people of older age rather than children but the priest did make it relatable at times for the children. However, I do believe that the overall liturgy is meant to impact the adults and make them realize, this celebration is more than just the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it’s the remembrance of his sacrifices for us without asking anything in
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