Eastern Christian Embracing Community Analysis

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Have you ever been included into a group of people? As a core value of Eastern Christian and a value for many more than just the students attending Eastern Christian, embracing community is a valued action and outlook on life. The idea and value of embracing community is the act of accepting others into a your own group and treating them like your own kind. As a core value of Eastern Christian, embracing community, is significant to To Kill A Mockingbird, because it exemplifies daily situations. Daily we are faced with the path to embrace community. Truthfulness supplies those who it effects with choices (Stiltner). This statement expresses to us that if we are truthful it will affect us and also those around us. Embracing community relates…show more content…
Embracing community is very similar to embracing equality as your community may not be considered equal but in developing knowledge of your community you will develop equality when thinking of your community. The Declaration of Independence declared equality, though the constitution did not and it was not embraced into the constitution until it was added in the fourteenth amendment (Smith). The early years of the United State government had little experience with controlling equality in small scale communities. For example, in To Kill a Mockingbird, the Maycomb community did not embrace those of color into many public settings and they did not receive equal rights in the community. We are called now to embrace everyone in our communities and treat them equally while also including them in what we do as a community. Because of the major key events in To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout was able to embrace community through her circumstances. Through everything she faced, she persevered and embraced those who were making fun of her but also those who were her friends and family. A definition of embracing community is someone accepting their surroundings and not dismissing them. While embracing community is a core value of Eastern Christian, and it is significant to To Kill A Mockingbird as it symbolises everyday
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